This is not some unrequited love.

Watching You from a distance

longing for You as You look the other way.

That is the lie that someone wants me to believe


It is two lovers running toward one another

after a long absence.

If I stop

You continue towards me

ever seeking our embrace.


Always the gentleman,

Your hand is extended eagerly

asking me to dance.

You wait for my response.


If I play hard to get

You don’t give up

You pursue this frightened heart

With gestures of love and affection

Winning it over one love song at a time


For the breadth, length, height, and depth of Your love

is beyond compare

an endless ocean

impossible to understand.


All You want is surrender.

Enveloped in Your arms,

I am loved just the way I am.

Near a Heart of Endless Hope

This time tomorrow, I will be a novice with the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I am excited and just a tad bit nervous for this beautiful, blessed, and big day in my life. This past week, I was on retreat preparing for my reception into the IHM congregation. It was a blessed week, and I used some of my time to create artwork, something I love, but don’t do enough. I would like to share the fruits of my prayer and contemplation, an image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We were founded by a Redemptorist, and so we have a special devotion to this lovely lady. Below the image, I have included a Redemptorist prayer. Please pray for me as I continue to pray for all of you.


Mother of Perpetual Help, Woman of Eternal Hope,

your wordless gaze tells us so much about you.

Knowing eyes look upon us with tender love.

The slight bend of your head reveals such maternal concern.

While your left hand supports the Child, your right hand is ready to receive us, too.

Just as He feels the beating of your heart, so you encourage us to lead a life of hope and holiness.

Just as His  sandal will fall on your lap, through your intercession may God pick us up as we stumble and fall.

Never let us be parted from you and your son,  Jesus.

Lady of love, you invite us to place our hand where His fingers touch yours — near a heart of endless hope

So that we may be united often in prayer here on earth and joined forever with you in heaven.


Bread for Others

People are hungry.

I pray that you feed them. 

I hear Your voice, “Give them food yourself.”

But what do I have to offer?

A meager offering of bread

This is all I have. 

Take my poor offering Lord. 

I lay it down before You.

Bless it. 

Multiply it. 

Break it. 

Transform my crumbs into an abundance

So that I become bread for others. 



Inspired by Luke 9:11-17

His Peace

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” John 14:27

The world is swirling around us

Too easily we get caught up in the turmoil and distress

Our hearts become restless, frantic, and fearful

Fear not!

Jesus gives us the gift of His peace

If we allow His peace to sink into our hearts

We begin to slow down and breathe again

While all of our problems will not disappear

Something greater happens

We are assured of Christ’s abiding presence and love

When the storm rages and threatens all that we hold dear

He is there to calm our hearts

When the thunder frightens you, run into His arms

He will hold you close

When the wind tries to blow you away, hold His hand

He will keep you grounded

When the rain pummels you, follow His footsteps

He is the way

Storms come and go

But, the peace of Christ is always with us

Take a deep breathe

Allow Christ’s peace to fill you

Know that He is by your side

He will keep you safe a midst the storm


Hope is God’s precious gift to us

It brings us closer to His heart where Truth resides

The Truth that God’s love is unconditional

The Truth that we have been redeemed by Christ’s blood

The Truth that suffering is only temporary

The Truth that there is life everlasting if we place our life in God’s hands

Hope tells us it’s okay not to have all the answers

It pulls us out of our self-centeredness

It draws our attention to the climax of human history

Christ’s death and resurrection

Hope allows us to immerse ourselves in this great mystery and be transformed

Transformed by dying to ourselves and living in Christ

In all our brokenness, there is healing

Amidst our trials and suffering, there is something greater being worked out

Our salvation

Hope renews our vision

It helps us see, not our will,

But God’s will woven into our lives

His will for us to be instruments of His love

In an often dark and lonely world

Hope brings light

Where there is light

Darkness cannot overcome it


Never lose hope.

Ocean of Grace

I cast my fears and my worries

Into the ocean of Your grace.

Let the waves crash over me

Drench me in your love.

Let the wind, the Spirit, surround me

Fill my soul with hope.

Let the sun warm my heart

Shine your light within me.

 Let my feet sink into the sand

Give me strength to do Your will.

Your grace surpasses the horizon

It is present on every shore.

Lead me to the water Lord.